berry train trip

berry train trip

“Long Island Rail Road train! Long Island Rail Road train!” One of the boys, if not both yell this just about every time we go the the train station. Or the laundromat. (When Oliver says it, it sounds like, “Yah yah yah ay ro tay!”) We live a couple of blocks from where the train comes out from underground, and the boys have been keen on getting a closer look for months now.

So we took a trip out to Long Island to pick some berries. We spent 5 hours on trains, 2 hours picking berries, and 5 hours walking around, killing time, hanging out with some friends who drove out to join us, and exploring a little tourist-friendly farm across the street from the U-Pick berry farm.

The boys had a great time. Oliver must have thought he was in heaven with all those berries just lying on the ground. Micah and I took the opportunity to discuss our dream home yet again, this time in some detail. (How far back from the street? What approach would the driveway take? Lots of grass, or lots of woods?)

We picked 4 pints of berries, some of which made it to these lovely scones, some were put in pancakes, some more were cooked into a syrup for said pancakes, and others we ate with our morning bowls of granola. Tastes just like summer should taste.

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  1. How wonderful! So glad you guys went & documented it. What a fun memory that will be. We love berry picking and all the loveliness that comes with it!

  2. There are few things in the world more fun than picking berries! When I was a kid, my friends and I would walk down to the beach and get blackberries off of the bushes. We would get a bucket full, and then bring them to their grandma who would make a pie with them. Those are some of my favorite memories. :0)

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