we’re losers

we’re losers

Is 4-years-old too young to play the Loser game? It’s the game where everyone wins . . . except for one person. Pretty good odds when you’re playing with people who can’t stand to lose. Right?

Simon has been pretty excited about the Loser game since his dad started to be pretty excited about designing a special deck of cards for it. He holds his own pretty well, and, amazingly enough, doesn’t get upset when he’s the last man standing. He’s played with us on vacation and at the park with our friends. He wants to play it at breakfast time and after dinner. He thinks it makes a great family home evening activity.

And, most recently, he’s decided that we don’t really need cards to play, blocks will do just fine.

He’s given us an idea for another game or two, but that’s something else entirely.

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