an experiment in urban gardening

an experiment in urban gardening

We were really late to get started on a garden. Mostly because we don’t have any land to use. But then some friends talked us into trying to get some space at one of the three community gardens within two blocks of our apartment, so we ordered some seeds and got going. And then we found out that there was no space left for us to plant in any of the gardens. We’ll wait until next year, but in the meantime, we’re trying our hand at vertical gardening. Or window boxes. Or vertical window box gardening.

Like I said, we got started pretty late. But we’re hopeful we’ll be able to get something tasty to eat out of this experiment and maybe a little bit of confidence to try with some real ground next year.

One thought on “an experiment in urban gardening

  1. Well, if it goes well maybe we’ll have to try something like that next year. I keep resisting doing a garden, mostly because I’ve never managed not to kill a plant I was taking care of. But someday I’ll really have to break down and give it a try…

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