we tried again and things got better

we tried again and things got better

After Thursday’s fiasco, I was determined to make up for all of the mistakes and bad decisions and lost patience. So on Friday we had fun. I ran the boys to Trader Joe’s, only to discover that I left my wallet at home. No problem. We laughed it off, ran home, had lunch and played games. We decided to go to the New York City Fire Museum. (Simon was a little suspicious about going to a burning building, but I insisted we would be fine and he got excited about it.) It meant waking Oliver up from his nap, but we went anyway. We got there 20 minutes before closing, which turned out to be a perfect amount of time. The fire trucks and equipment seemed to be a little bit much for Oliver, who kept telling me to “Go!” from his perch on my back. We went back to Brooklyn in a rainstorm and did the shopping we’d missed out on in the morning because of the forgotten wallet. We got our groceries from Trader Joe’s, waited for the bus in the rain, stopped at Target for some more stuff, waited for the bus in the rain, and made it home a few minutes before Micah got home from work.

No one cried. No one yelled. No one was hungry or scared or cold. We savored the water dropping on our heads and the chance to juggle grocery bags, children and an umbrella.

Then we ordered pizza, put the boys to bed, and watched “Where the Wild Things Are.”

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  1. Awesome, I’m so glad that this day went so much better! I’m very impressed. :0) Admittedly, I feel like a total slacker these days. On Wednesday when it was flooding (but before the REAL floods started), I headed out to Sam’s Club with the boys. One of the workers asked what I was doing there in this weather, but I just kept telling myself, “I have a car, I’m not even walking in the rain. Why should I have to stay home?” There are lots of days when I’m glad to have a car, but I also really miss getting to walk everywhere and am very impressed with you guys for still doing it. :0)

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