long haul

long haul

Simon rode his bike all the way to the park on Saturday.

We lost a wheel to our buggy board, but Simon insisted it was no big thing.

The boy could ride his bike.

More than two miles?

Almost. He made it a mile and half before his legs were tired of running.

Then I carried him the rest of the way.

You couldn’t find prouder parents.

I think it’s just about time to pass the balance bike to the little brother and let this big kid have at it with some pedals.

2 thoughts on “long haul

  1. I totally think he could do it. There’s a little boy in our ward who is exactly the same age as Anna and he was riding a little bike with training wheels all over the church parking lot. His dad said it took a little time to teach him how to pedal, but once he got it, he found it much easier than the tricycle he had been riding before.

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