I should be so lucky

I should be so lucky

When we got off the plane here in Utah and picked up our luggage, we ran into one of the young men from our ward (he also happens to be our home teacher). He was picking up his sister, who was on our flight.

When we were sitting on the grass waiting for my brother to finish the marathon, Micah realized he was sitting 10 feet away from one of his co-workers whose sister also ran on Saturday.

When I called Micah after I dropped him off at the airport to tell him I’d gotten back to my parent’s place without incident, he said he was sitting next to our former bishop, who had also just left his wife and children to go back to the city.

I can only hope I will be so lucky as to run into a friend from the City on my way back next week. Perhaps they will take pity on me and offer to adopt the boys while we cross the country.

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  1. That’s so crazy, it’s amazing how small this big world is! Once when Cameron and I were flying from JFK to Seattle, I ran into a high school friend at baggage claim and we realized we had been sitting almost next to each other and not realized it! It was pretty funny.

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