The boys only have one great-grandparent left. There were three when Simon was born, but in the past three years both mine and Micah’s grandmother’s have died. It is sad to me that they won’t have any memories of those wonderful women, and we only have one picture of Simon with one of his great-grandmothers (as far as I know). But there is still my grandpa, who just turned 90 and is as young and spry as he was 20 years ago. We were able to visit him after our race on Saturday and get a picture of our boys with him (and my parents, my married siblings, and their babies, of course).

It meant a lot to me to get this picture. Simon shares a middle name with my grandpa and I hope he grows to share a whole lot more with him as well. Grandpa is an extremely generous man with a wonderful sense of humor. I love hearing him tell us that we’re good kids, he’s just not quite sure what for. I hope I prove to be good for bringing up young men who are as generous and thoughtful as he is.

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  1. That’s really awesome, it’s so great to have great grandparents around! I’m glad that you were able to get such a great picture with your grandpa. :0)

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