speaking in church

speaking in church

I’ve spent a couple of years in Primary. I’ve seen a fair number of Sunbeams give talks. I know how it goes. And so it is with absolutely no bias whatsoever, and with a large base of experience to draw upon, that I declare that yesterday I witnessed the most amazing talk given by a 4-year-old. Ever. That 4-year-old was my son. And even if I say so myself, he did a phenomenal job. Not only did he do a fair amount of the “writing” of the talk (with some strategic prompting by yours truly), he did 100% of the reading of it. Neither Micah nor I accompanied him to the microphone. It was just him and his piece of paper.

(We have recreated the moment to the best of our ability for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, we do not have a stand on which to rest the paper, so please excuse his lack of eye contact. Also, excuse the shrieking brother in the background.)

He got the obligatory laugh line in early, then quickly sobered up and got to the meat of the issue. I’m pretty sure that all of the leaders and teachers in the room had to pick their jaws up off the floor when he, cool and collected as can be, took his seat as if he hadn’t just rocked the mic like a seasoned GA.

Simon, you done me proud, Boy.

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  1. So… could we get a transcript of this? For those of us who are hearing impaired and can’t hear Simon over Oliver? I’d really like to hear what he said.

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