a first, but probably not a last

a first, but probably not a last

Oliver’s head hit the glass yesterday. Thankfully only a few drops of blood were spilled and no stitches were required. My fingers are crossed that he’ll make it at least to his 2nd birthday before he breaks any bones or to visit the ER.

2 thoughts on “a first, but probably not a last

  1. Ouch! That boy has no fear!! I hope he doesn’t become your accident prone child and that ER visits are held to a minimum if not non-existant. My aid has a son who has broken several bones and had to have stitches over and over again. None of her other kids are that way, just this lucky one. I’m sure Oliver will be fine. :)

  2. Wow, that’s pretty scary! I’m glad he wasn’t hurt any worse, that could’ve been really bad. I hope he learns to be a little more cautious soon!

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