laugh at me, cheer for micah

laugh at me, cheer for micah

It turns out that Simon can reach the buzzer and buzz people into our building. I learned this earlier this afternoon when he knocked urgently on the bathroom door and told me I needed to get the door. Because although he can climb up onto the kitchen window sill and get the buzzer, he is, thankfully, not tall enough to unlock the dead-bolt. I turned off the shower and tried to decide what to do just as the doorbell rang. We were expecting a couple of very important packages related to Micah’s baby, and I knew Micah would hate to have to wait another day. So I grabbed a towel, dried off as best I could, and went to the door to see what I could do. Sadly, the delivery man had left, but a neighbor who was coming in saw me peeking around the door and volunteered to bring him back. So, yeah, I received a delivery while dripping wet, wrapped in a towel. I think I’ve reached some sort of milestone in motherhood.

But speaking of Micah and his baby, do you want to see some of his other nesting projects?


Every city-dweller worth their salt knows that an empty wall is unused storage space. Our strollers will be stashed haphazardly in the corner no longer.

And the heavens opened and Lizzie rejoiced when this shelf was installed, effectively quadrupling our counter space. And doesn’t it look nice? I’m quite a fan.

Raise your hand if you think Micah does good work. (You may want to congratulate him on the arrival of his baby as well. Wink wink.)

2 thoughts on “laugh at me, cheer for micah

  1. In the movie “You’ve Got Mail,” there’s a scene in which a sick Meg Ryan has to open her door for Tom Hanks’ unscheduled visit. She’s in her pajamas, but throws on a raincoat that’s hanging right by her door. I thought that was an excellent place for an instant bathrobe 😉

  2. Oh man, don’t you hate it when you absolutely have to answer the door at the worst possible time?! I’m sure glad that Micah’s baby arrived, though, Congrats!!! I love the hanging strollers and the new shelf, too – three cheers for city dwellers!

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