Peep Show 2011: Winners and Prizes

Peep Show 2011: Winners and Prizes

Congrats to everyone who participated this year! I really had a hard time deciding on my favorites because there were so many fantastic entries. To re-cap the voting rules: first place votes got three points, second place got three votes, third place got one vote. If only one entry was voted on, it got one point. If two were voted on, they got two points and one point. We did have a tie for second place this year. You two will have to battle it out for who wants which prize. :)

And the winners are:

1. Rapeepzel, Rapeepzel, Let Down Your Hair! by Melissa Crosby

2. (tie) Peepstic Surgery by Stephanie Roberston

2. (tie) Justin Peeper: Never Say Never by Abby Blackhurst and her home evening group

We will Honorably Mention:

Boy Peeps of America Eagle Service Project Northwest Boulevard, August 1966 by Dad Blackhurst

Tour de Peep by Micah and Lizzie Heiselt

Raiders of the Lost Peep by Bryce Barrand

The Pied Peeper by Jodie Heiselt

Melissa gets to pick first from among the prizes, then Abby and Stephanie can paper-rock-scissors for the remaining two. :) Let me know what you want and where to send it. You all know how to reach me.

3 thoughts on “Peep Show 2011: Winners and Prizes

  1. Congrats to the winners, those were really awesome! I agree that it was a really hard year to judge, there were a lot of really good, creative ones!

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