just a friendly reminder

just a friendly reminder

Peep show entries are due in 9 days! Have them to us by April 23rd at midnight, please.

We have some prizes lined up: a $25 gift card to Godiva, a $15 gift card to Emergency Essentials, and a yet-to-be-determined prize.

Micah and I have a plan. We think it’s a good one. How we will execute it is still a bit sketchy. Even sketchier is when we will execute it . . . .

Good luck to you all!

2 thoughts on “just a friendly reminder

  1. So, I just found out my sis-in-law’s baby to be is a boy, so I’ve got this cute crocheted bunny hat for a newborn that I can give away as a prize. Fitting, since it’s Easter.

    I made it for Allison, but then she went and had a boy…. the nerve…

    Here’s a link to the pattern I used if you want to see what it’ll look like


  2. That hat is beyond awesome. I want it for my sister who is having a girl in a month or so. Thanks, Heather!

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