come in, have a seat

come in, have a seat

Admire our newly re-upholstered, super snazzy and stylish houndstooth chair, if you will. Since it has been reborn, it has become a favorite place for little Oliver to sit and spin. Or to sit in time out (which is almost worth it to put him in just to see his sad little face which melts my heart so thoroughly that I really can’t take it so I send him on his merry way).

In a few weeks it will likely become one of Micah’s favorite places to sit as well. If we’re going to have a desktop computer, we’re probably going to need a desk chair for it, right?

4 thoughts on “come in, have a seat

  1. Jodie, I should mention that my role included accompanying Micah to the fabric store. And that is all. The man is fearless with upholstery fabric and a staple gun.

    Stephanie, I knew you would like it. In fact, knowing that you would approve made the fabric decision so much easier. I think I’m probably going to adopt a new crafting mantra: “What Would Stephanie Do?” :)

  2. That’s really impressive, it’s so awesome that you guys are so good at making things brand new! I wish I were crafty/skilled at things like that, it’s fun to see what you guys are able to do!

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