“i am a swimmer”

“i am a swimmer”

Simon is 5 weeks into his 8-week swim class. When I came home from the gym to tell him I’d signed him up, he was adamant that we go back that day during Family Swim so he could swim. And so we did. I was amazed that he was excited to get into the water, and even more so that he was actually trying to swim. I held him under his belly while he kicked and paddled as well as he could. Another mother asked how long he’d been swimming. I said, somewhat dazed, “He’s never swam before. I just signed him up for lessons today.”

He came home and said, “Dad, I am a swimmer.”

He’s taken to swimming lessons like it’s his job. He loves it. I’m quite surprised, actually. He’s the cautious kid that I expected to put a toe in the water and turn his back on it. He’s never had much of a love for water before. And now he can’t wait to get his goggles on.

He’s also eager to share his love of swimming with everyone he meets. I’d never seen him so confident around someone he didn’t know as when one of my new visiting teachers asked him what he did.

“I am a swimmer,” he said.

And to the doctor last week: “I am a swimmer. I swim on Friday’s from about four-thirty until five o’clock.”

It’s settled then. He’s a swimmer. I’m all for it.

2 thoughts on ““i am a swimmer”

  1. That is so cool, it totally makes me want to sign Samuel up for lessons! Samuel is so cautious around water, whenever water touches his eyes he gets so upset. I was hoping he would take after his dad with swimming, but he seems to be more like me (unfortunately). I’d like to get him in some lessons, maybe this summer??

    Caleb, on the other hand, loves water! We just started giving him baths in the real bath, and even when he slips and his face goes in the water he still has a ball. I’m glad he’s not quite so cautious as Samuel, but I think I’ll have to be a lot more careful with him as he starts being able to get around more!

  2. I guess it’s good that he has found his calling in life so early. Swimming is fun, and good for you, and a helpful skill to know. I am baffled when I meet people who are adults and have never learned to swim.

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