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Month: April 2011

“oliver, no!”

“oliver, no!”

Today is the last chance to vote in the Peep Show. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Moving on . . . .

I’m such a kill joy. Especially where Oliver is concerned.

“Oliver, no! We don’t run into the street like that. It’s dangerous.”

“Oliver, no! That’s too high. You could fall down and get hurt.”

“Oliver, no! I need to hold your hand when you go down the stairs. You’re not tall enough to reach the railing.”

The poor boy is getting very good at making the sad face that melts my heart and makes me that much more protective of him. I count it a victory every day he doesn’t fall off something or come up with another random bruise or scrape that magically appeared when I wasn’t looking.

And then he’ll go and spill milk on the couch, go get a rag, and start cleaning it up before I’ve even had a chance to realize what has happened. For all his throwing caution to the wind, he is also thoughtful and helpful. It’s always Oliver who starts cleaning up the toys first and he is more apt to stick with it until they are all put away. His brother is slowly learning to follow his example.

And Oliver is also an exceptionally personable little fellow. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been zoned out on the train, or talking to Simon, and I’ll catch a glimpse of someone with their hands over their face, in the middle of a game of peekaboo. With Oliver. More often than not, it seems, the peekaboo-er has been the least likely of people: late 20s male, tattoos, scruffy, shaved head, piercings. They seem drawn to Oliver. The latest one, from last night’s trip home from Roosevelt Island, had a longish goatee that he said generally scares dogs and small children. Micah and I pretended we didn’t notice when first saw him peekaboo-ing our child, content to let him have his moment. Pretty soon the man spoke to Micah as well, though, asking how old Oliver was. They played a little more peekaboo, the man using his hoodie to cover his face a few times, which Oliver loves. Then, just before he got off the train at West 4th, he said, “Thanks Little Buddy. I needed that after the week I’ve had.”

Oliver, yes.

did he really just say that?

did he really just say that?


And now, to change the subject . . . .

Dinner tonight. Simon is avoiding eating, as usual, even though it is something we knew he’d like. Peanut butter. Chicken. Noodles. There’s nothing wrong with that. Except that he has lemonade on his mind.

“Can I please have some lemonade?” he asks.

“Yes you may, after you eat some of your dinner,” Micah replies.


“When I am an adult and I have little kids, if they ask me really nicely if they can please have something, like candy or a special drink or something like that, then I am going to give it to them right away and not make them do anything else before I give it to them. Yeah, I think that would be a good thing.”


Micah turns to me, “Did he really just . . .”

“Yes. Yes he did.”

Peep Show 2011

Peep Show 2011

Welcome to the Peep Show! We have a great crop of entries this year and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Here is what you need to know about voting:

1. To vote, leave a comment with your top three picks. Your first choice will get 3 points, second choice will get 2 points, and third place will get 1 point.

2. Voting will close midnight (Eastern time) on Saturday April 30th.

3. The 1st place winner will get to pick a prize first, 2nd place gets 2nd pick, 3rd place gets 3rd pick. Prizes are $25 gift card to Godiva, $15 gift card to Emergency Essentials, and a super-cute hat. :)

1. Little Peep Riding Hood

2. Raiders of the Lost Peep

3. Peepzilla

4. Tour de Peep

5. Peepstic Surgery

6. The Pied Peeper

7. Peeps on a Stick

8. Rapeepzel, Rapeepzel, Let Down Your Hair!

9. Boy Peeps of America Eagle Service Project Northwest Boulevard, August 1966

10. Justin Peeper: Never Say Never

11. Peep of the Jungle

12. Peep of Arc

Let the voting begin!

he had a birthday, shout hooray!

he had a birthday, shout hooray!

Happy birthday to the little boy whose idea of a good joke is, “One time the A train was going express on the local track!” (Peals of laughter, everyone. Seriously. That’s how funny it is.)

Happy birthday to the little boy who insisted on a rainbow party. And pulled it off with gusto.

Happy birthday to the little boy who wanted me to make three cakes: one for him, one for a friend of mine, and one for a friend of his, because they all have birthdays today.

Happy birthday to the little boy who recounted the object lesson from Primary about saying sorry if you break the rules, and then promptly apologized to his little brother for taking his cars during sacrament meeting.

Happy birthday to the little boy who requested a birthday meal of meatballs and didn’t stopped talking about it all week.

Happy birthday to the little boy who loves to wear his gray sleeper “pajama” (because it is only one piece) to bed at night.

Happy birthday to the little boy who wants to know why numbers don’t have an end and if there is a zero thousand. (Uncle Jon, he’d love to have a conversation with you.)

Happy birthday to the little boy who insists on group hugs at bed time. Over and over and over again.

Happy birthday, dear Simon, happy birthday to you.

just a friendly reminder

just a friendly reminder

Peep show entries are due in 9 days! Have them to us by April 23rd at midnight, please.

We have some prizes lined up: a $25 gift card to Godiva, a $15 gift card to Emergency Essentials, and a yet-to-be-determined prize.

Micah and I have a plan. We think it’s a good one. How we will execute it is still a bit sketchy. Even sketchier is when we will execute it . . . .

Good luck to you all!



It took four months and five renewals, but I finally finished reading The Pickwick Papers. Thanks, Mr. Dickens. It was a fun ride. Long, but fun. And I don’t regret a word of it.

come in, have a seat

come in, have a seat

Admire our newly re-upholstered, super snazzy and stylish houndstooth chair, if you will. Since it has been reborn, it has become a favorite place for little Oliver to sit and spin. Or to sit in time out (which is almost worth it to put him in just to see his sad little face which melts my heart so thoroughly that I really can’t take it so I send him on his merry way).

In a few weeks it will likely become one of Micah’s favorite places to sit as well. If we’re going to have a desktop computer, we’re probably going to need a desk chair for it, right?