goodnight moon

goodnight moon

Did you know that the moon is as close to the earth as it will be all year? And that it is full? And that because I’m a fun mom, I made a point of taking my children out on the porch in their pajamas so they could see it?

It’s all true. Simon was a little surprised that it was possible to wear pajamas in the out of doors. Oliver was pretty focused on holding my keys and his biscuit, so I don’t think he even noticed that he was wearing a sleeper in public.

And in case it never happens again (you know, the moon being so close to the earth, and full, and the boys wearing their pajamas), I took some pictures.

(I’m just kidding. We do fun stuff like this all the time. Every day. Just not in our pajamas.)

2 thoughts on “goodnight moon

  1. Did you read Goodnight Moon to them as well? What a fun evening. I’m glad Simon has such a sense of modesty. Pajamas outside? I wonder if he’ll ever have a pajama day at school…

  2. That’s so fun, it’s good to go outside in your pajamas now and then! I love looking at the moon, especially when it’s full, close and showing itself off. :0)

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