pi(e) day 2011

pi(e) day 2011

It’s pi(e) day. I made two pies. We had friends over. We ate them (the pies, not the friends). We listened to a math joke (just one). It was great. I enjoyed it.

I forgot to take pictures.

This poor, sad, neglected little blog. It gets no loving these days. If it had gotten some real love today, you would be looking at a deliciously goopy mess of a salted caramel-chocolate pie and a light and fluffy lemon cheese pie.

But I guess it’s probably for the best, since I just posted a picture of a cake last week. This isn’t a food blog, after all. Then again, I hardly know what it is anymore.

Someone help me, please.

One thought on “pi(e) day 2011

  1. I totally forgot that it was pie day! What a fun tradition. That’s something I’d like to start. Next year. Obviously. I wish I’d seen the pictures. Those pies sound delicious.

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