no school

no school

After months and months of weighing pros and cons, making plans, scratching plans, making different plans, and eventually just telling myself that I would figure it out eventually, I’ve come to a decision: I’m not sending Simon to pre-k. I can’t even tell you how silly and how important this all feels. It is so silly. But it’s really important, too. It’s silly that pre-k is so competitive to get into here. It’s silly that people get so wound up about it. It’s silly that I’ve been worrying about it for so long. And then it isn’t. Because nearly all of Simon’s friends will be in pre-k. And because he will be suddenly going to school for 6 hours a day when he starts kindergarten.

Pre-k applications became available just this week. Before Monday, I had told myself more than once that I wanted a half-day program for him. I wanted it to be within walking distance. I wanted to feel good about the school. And then I would consider it. On Monday, I looked at the offerings: 1 half day program in our district, another that is closer, but still way out of walking range. I went over the list again and again and again and thought, Maybe a full day wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe I should just apply to a few and if he doesn’t like it, if it doesn’t work, I’ll pull him out. It’s not mandatory. But then I realized that I didn’t want to even check out any schools. I had no desire to schedule tours and walk through schools. None. And it was decided. I was too lazy, and that was that. Simon’s not going to pre-k.

Next year we’ll go to all the museums we can. We’ll play Hungry Hungry Hippos until I get so tired of it that I clandestinely throw it on the trash. He will teach Oliver to talk, and maybe to read and write his name and tell time, and maybe even do long division. He’ll play with his friends here and there. I’ll try to enjoy my time with him, and prep him as best I can to go to kindergarten. But really, we’re just going to have a lot of fun. Because really, it’s no big deal. Really.

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  1. Lizzie! This is exactly how I feel! It is a little different for us because we will be moving at the end of next school year, but there was still so much pressure to put Matthew in a pre-k program. I thought about it and looked into it a little bit, but we decided against it. I’ll keep him home with me, teach him all that I can, and hopefully he’ll be ready for kindergarten wherever we end up moving. But it will be hard because all his friends will be in school and I do think he would like it. But school can wait one more year…

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more!
    He’s better off at home with you at this age, anyways, and you are doing an excellent job teaching him (probably more than he would be learning in Pre k anyways).

  3. I love it. You are such a good mother. You are a way better teacher for him anyway and socially…well….I don’t think he’ll be harmed. He goes to Nursery/Primary once a week anyway. Good choice. Enjoy them whilst they are still yours 24/7 before they hit the big leagues of full day school.

  4. I love it. Everyone said everything I was thinking. Since I continue to be told that they (the little ones) grow up so fast I think it’s important that you take advantage of any one on one time you have left with Simon. He’ll be fine and I’m sure you’ll both enjoy next year. He’s so bright and catches on so quickly to new concepts that I wouldn’t worry.

  5. I can only imagine how much pressure you were under with all of this, that must’ve been really awful. I think you made an excellent choice, though. Simon is already so advanced in everything, he certainly doesn’t need pre-K, and I think four year olds still need to be home with their moms.

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