we do fun things, too

we do fun things, too

Yeah, we’ve become food nazis, but not without good reason. We just want our kid to be well balanced. And that means chores need to be done before he helps make cake. Healthy food needs to be eaten before he eats it.

This was a “red” velvet cake I made for Dr. Seuss’s birthday last week. I thought it would be fun because red cake with white frosting is almost sort of kind of like the Cat in the Hat’s hat. But then I didn’t have nearly enough red food coloring, so it was more of a “brown” velvet cake. Still tasted good, though. And it’s all gone, so you can’t have any. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “we do fun things, too

  1. This looks just like the red velvet cake that Jon’s mom makes. It is so delicious. I’d love to get the recipe from her, but Jon’s sisters both say it hasn’t turned out the same for them as when their mom makes it. I think she has the recipe memorized and so it’s got some special steps that aren’t listed in the directions. :)

  2. That’s a really awesome idea, that must’ve been fun. I wish there had been some left so I could’ve tried some. ;0) We’re trying to crack down on Samuel with chores, too – I find a great motivation like getting to make cake can be a truly wonderful incentive to clean toys up!

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