tattle tale

tattle tale

I was talking to Micah on the phone this evening as he was on his way to catch a train home when Simon insisted he had something to tell his father. I handed him the phone.

“Dad, do you know what? This afternoon Oliver climbed on the table and knocked over the vase with the flowers and spilled the water and Mom yelled and put him on the couch and cleaned it up and then she was happy again.”

Busted. I took the phone back.

“He missed the part about how, as I was cleaning up, Oliver was going to climb on the table again. I put him back on the couch and then when I was done cleaning up he came over and gave me a hug.”

Those are important details as well.

2 thoughts on “tattle tale

  1. How cute! I’m surprised the vase didn’t break. Just curious- was it Simon’s intention to get Oliver in trouble? :)

  2. We have a little group of friends we get together with on Fridays, and the boys are always ratting each other out. I think it’s an age thing, but it can be pretty frustrating. I never know which is better, have him tell me so I can help but risk him become a tattler, or making him figure things out himself and risk either him becoming a pushover or him becoming a bully. What do you guys do?

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