fire fire fire!

fire fire fire!

What could be cooler than getting to sit inside a firetruck? Absolutely nothing, I tell you. At least if you are a 3-4 year old male. I know this because I witnessed it firsthand last week. The excitement, the anticipation, the waiting of turns, the second turns, the wished for third turns . . . it was almost too much to handle. The joy was only briefly dimmed by the actual discussion with the firefighters about how, if there is a fire in your house and you see this really scary looking, big, noisy creature, you DO NOT HIDE UNDER THE BED. Or in the closet. You have to trust the fireman to get you out of there.

But after the discussion, a real live fireman slid down a real live firepole, and that was nearly as cool as getting to sit in the truck. And somewhere between the two of those was the coolness of getting to sit with the firemen on the truck and have pictures taken.

I think someone made some new friends at the fire house.

3 thoughts on “fire fire fire!

  1. I was going along the pictures “oooh”ing and “aahh”ing appropriately over the cuteness of the spectacle, and then I got to the last one. I literally busted up out loud. What is Simon doing over there? He’s too cool for school and hangin’ with his boys for sure.

  2. Seriously! So true Abby! I think he did find some new friends! What a great idea. We went to the fire station for a field trip in the fall and the firemen had all the teachers put on the “scary” firemen gear. It was a race and I won. :) But that’s not important. The more kids know what firemen look like and that they’re on their side the better.

  3. Firetrucks really are fun to go and see. Last year Samuel got to go in one, but his favorite part was ringing the bell on the front of the truck.

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