easy as pie

easy as pie

Aside from our gate being changed an hour before departure, we had absolutely no problems getting home. Unless you count the fact that our flight was very full and the the flight attendants threatened to wait for a storm to blow in if we didn’t all get in our seats a buckle up already.

The boys were asleep when we got home, and although I was tempted to peek in on them, I didn’t. We let them sleep. This morning when Mom H. got Oliver out of his crib and brought him into the living room, he didn’t make a single noise. He just walked over to me, gave me a big, long hug, then sat down in my lap and wouldn’t move for several minutes. I loved it.

No more fancy hotel and fancy valet parking and being able to have a coherent conversation over dinner. It’s back to the snow and ice and bundling and psyching myself up for every trip outdoors.

2 thoughts on “easy as pie

  1. So cute! I hope the weather warms up soon for you! The last few days have been marvelous, but the wind is howling like crazy at the moment and heavy wet snow is falling as well. I’d love for it to decide to be Spring.

  2. I was away from Samuel for a couple of days when he was a little shy of two, and it was so wonderful to hold him again. It’s good to get a break, but it’s always good to come home, too. :0)

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