it’s warmer here, but not as fun

it’s warmer here, but not as fun

We are in Miami. Without the boys. It’s nice. So far we’ve run a race (and both placed in our age groups), taken a nap, walked all over Miami Beach, eaten fast food, and spent way too long at a real live grocery store. We let a 5-mile evening run turn into 6 miles, and we took pictures at the beach. We keep telling ourselves it feels like Hawaii and thinking maybe we should invest in a timeshare or a summer home in some warm climate. You know, when we’re rich.

We also passed a park full of kids and slides and wood chips, and we thought, “Wouldn’t the boys love this?” We saw some statues of elephants and I had to suppress the urge to say, “Oh, look at the elephants? Do you see the elephants over there?” And as we were picking out our groceries, we took turns making each other laugh by saying things like, “I have never tried ‘chilled juice’ before,” and laugh and laugh and laugh. Simon, Oliver, we miss you.

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  1. How fun that you got to go to Hawaii, you guys deserve such an awesome break! My parents were actually in Hawaii the same time, I think they were on Oahu (is that where the military hotel is??). Maybe you ran into them and didn’t even know it… ;0)

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