What do you do when Disney sends you an envelope full of stickers? Put them all over your face. And your mom’s face, too. (She’ll probably wear them all afternoon, just so she can make your dad laugh when he comes home.)

Then moan for the rest of the afternoon about how there aren’t enough stickers for Dad and Oliver. Talk incessantly about how we need to go to the store to get more stickers. Not the grocery store, because they don’t have stickers, but a different store, a sticker store. When it’s time to take them off, be sure not to rip any of the stickers, because that would be tragic. And just for the heck of it, leave one on your face. Wear it to the gallery opening that is the FHE activity. Fall asleep on the way there. Be so sleepy that when your mom picks you up out of the stroller and then sets you down on the floor, you stand there for a second, then slowly crouch down, and then be about to fall over before anyone realizes that you have literally fallen asleep on your feet.

Such is the exhaustion after the excitement of stickers.

ps I know I’ve done this before, but it really doesn’t get old, does it?

2 thoughts on “stickerface

  1. HAHA! We got the same envelope yesterday! Half went all the way up and down Anna’s legs and feet and the other half were patted on Levi’s back

  2. That’s so fun, I’m glad you guys were able to wear stickers all afternoon. :0)

    BTW, this is random, but the other day Cameron and I got to watch Edward Scissorhands, and we thought of Micah’s coolest Halloween costume ever the whole time. Good times!

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