i’m not such a loser after all

i’m not such a loser after all

Would you believe me if I told you that I just about cried a few weeks ago because I lost one of Simon’s Christmas presents? It was a watch. If you have spent any time with Simon during the past few months, you might understand why the loss of the watch brought me to the brink of tears. The boy is obsessed with time. He’s always asking what time it is, what time I want to leave, what time I want to get there, what time is bedtime, you get the idea. And I was so excited to get him this little blue watch for Christmas because I thought he would love it. He did love it, but he didn’t love wearing it, so it spent a lot of time in the diaper bag. Then one night he asked for it after we put him to bed. It wasn’t anywhere. I assumed it had come out of the diaper bag when I was reaching in to get something else and blamed myself for the tragic loss. And even though I knew the chances of finding it somewhere in the city were exactly nil, I continued to scan the sidewalks and the snowpiles whenever we went out, on the off chance it somehow materialized.

This morning we walked into Child Watch at the gym and one of the staffers, before we even had a chance to take our hats off, handed Simon the watch. I was nearly giddy that it had actually turned up. It seriously made my day. I’ve been asking Simon to tell me what time it is all day and I get excited every time he looks at that thing.

But that’s not all. As we were sitting on the couch this afternoon, Simon started pulling stuff out of the diaper bag. Somehow he magically pulled out Oliver’s pacifier, which I lost a few days ago. Or at least I thought I lost it. I remember it falling on the ground outside our apartment as we were on our way inside. I remember picking it up. I remember putting it in the diaper bag and telling myself to sterilize it before I let Oliver have it again. And then it disappeared. Micah and I both checked the diaper bag several times when we were looking for it without success. Oliver graciously consented to sleep without it that first night, but resorted to the spare in the morning. It’s good to have it back. And to know that I’m not a loser. Not really.

At this rate I expect to find that DVD player remote we lost back in Hawaii by Sunday.

7 thoughts on “i’m not such a loser after all

  1. That is a lot of snow on the ground! Looking at that first picture almost makes me glad I live in a desert.

  2. What’s funny is how ridiculously much that would make my day. You’ve already moved on, you’ve come to terms with the loss of said items, but then unexpectedly you get the joy of having them again. It’s like the greatest day ever, when really it shouldn’t be that big o’ deal, but nonetheless its completely awesome.

  3. So jealous. Can you help me find the kids’ favorite ball for our dinosaur toy that Levi pushed to some mysterious corner of our small apartment? Or my mp3 player?

  4. My suggestion is to let Anna find them. That seems to have worked for me. :) Yeah, and totally weird that these things can get lost when the apartment is so small and there are no hiding places.

  5. Tell me about it. It should have been, “Oh, good, you found the watch.” Instead it was, “Oh, thank you, thank you. That means so much to me. I appreciate it so much . . .” etc. etc.

  6. Yeah, that was from the after-Christmas blizzard that paralyzed the city for 48 hours. And now it is all heaped up in piles of ice on the sides of the road, covered with a layer of powder from yesterday’s storm. Treacherous-er and treacherous-er.

  7. Wow, I can’t believe Simon can already tell time, that’s incredible! I’m so glad you found the watch and pacifier, things like that are true miracles. I remember losing my favorite mechanical pencil on my mission; I loved that pencil, and I had had it for several years, and was a bit distraught at having lost it. Then we went to check up on a guy we’d taught a discussion to months earlier and he said, “Oh, I’m totally not interested, but I think I have something of yours…” and he gave me my pencil. It was silly, but a miracle for me. :0)

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