it’s not entirely his fault

it’s not entirely his fault

I locked us out of our apartment last week. It’s one of the hazards of living in a place where the doors automatically lock behind you. It was, surprisingly enough, my first time doing such a thing. The moment I closed the door I realized that I should have had my keys in my hand, rather than leaving them in the bag, and when I realized they weren’t in the bag, I immediately started to blame Oliver. He had taken my wallet and my phone out of the bag while I was getting us ready to go this morning, so I assumed he’d gotten the keys as well. They were probably on the floor, just barely beneath the couch. In fact, I could practically see them there in my mind’s eye. Why hadn’t I picked them up? How could I have let him do that?

Oliver Oliver Oliver. Mischievous child. Always hiding things from me. Always getting into trouble.

We stayed the afternoon at a friend’s house, and came home well after dark. I walked in and looked for the keys. Which were sitting on the bookshelf, where I usually put them, well out of Oliver’s reach. Just like when I lost me keys for a few days and assumed that Oliver had misplaced them, and then I found them in my drawer. Two feet above his head.

Forgive me child. I have much to learn.

2 thoughts on “it’s not entirely his fault

  1. I’ve had several times when I was so sure something that happened was absolutely someone else’s fault (usually Samuel’s or Cameron’s), only to realize later that it was 100% my own doing. I guess those realizations help us stay humble, right?

  2. Oliver looks so sweet and sad in this picture! Poor kid! I don’t yet have anyone to blame for things I’ve done like this. Unfortunately they happen all too often! I’m glad that things worked out alright in the end- they always seem to- thank goodness.

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