we have a backyard

we have a backyard

It’s nothing special, of course. A little on the smallish side, but isn’t everything in Brooklyn?

Don’t mind the fact that the greenery is a little overgrown.

And please ignore the car up on blocks . . . we’re converting it into an airplane. Clearly.

But I dig the tiered look. And the privacy. Good fences make good neighbors, right?

If nothing else it gives us a place to play during these cold winter months.

6 thoughts on “we have a backyard

  1. Isn’t it so fun to see little minds at work? I don’t know if you remember me talking about these blocks last July but we LOVE them. Clark can spend hours building things, and it’s so cool to see his brain working. Like, he is so symmetrical. Everything he builds is elaborate, but has to be the exact same on either side. He leaves me dumbfounded quite often. Though I will say, he has never built anything so grassy before. Pretty cool, Simon. :)

  2. I definitely remember you talking about them last summer. And we really love them, too. I’m starting to think they are going to be the gift that keeps on giving. We used to buy an expansion pack for the IKEA trains for every birthday. . . now we may end up getting another box of trio blocks for every birthday.

    I’m looking forward to the time when Simon develops that sense of symmetry. I think it will be fun. Right now he just says, “I don’t never ever want this to be broken. I want it to be together always.”

  3. That’s how we felt (the gift that keeps on giving) so we have the basic set, the fire station, helicopter/control tower, construction set, a siege tower and catapult (both were on clearance), and a free-something I found online. It’s awesome, except there’s SO MANY and they’re all dumped in 2 buckets. So if Clark wants to build he, of course, empties out EVERYTHING. It gets kind of old having to clean them up multiple times a day. So I do suggest spreading out the times you deem worthy to gift him with them (we used the small things as incentives, birthday, 2 christmases, etc. but we have given them all within a year’s time) and find a good way of keeping them organized, if that matters to you. Good luck! :)

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