Someday we’ll get it right. The perfect gingerbread recipe that makes the perfect amount of gingerbread. Something perfectly tasty and perfectly sturdy. And while that day has not yet arrived, we managed to do relatively well for ourselves anyway. The caboose provides a nice little home to a couple of hobo gingerbreadmen in this bleak mid-winter scene. And those cherry cordial m&ms are rather tasty, even if the gingerbread is a little dry and bland.

6 thoughts on “Gingercaboose

  1. So random comment about gingerbread houses. I picked up a tip from a friend who picked it up from a friend… you know how it goes. So gingerbread houses are always so hard to keep up with frosting. If you glue the lowest level together with hot glue, it will stay up and work like a charm and then you won’t have kids freaking out about it collapsing and all that kind of thing. Try it next year. :)

  2. I can’t wait to discuss fun holiday projects like this with you. I told one of my neighbors about the “peep show” and she loves the idea! She is also pregnant and due about two weeks before I am. I know this is a little early, but do you have plans to continue it this year? I should just call you… Do you love that I’m commenting on every post??

  3. Wow, those look pretty good to me! I haven’t made a gingerbread house since high school, and I can’t claim too much credit for that one – someone else actually made everything, I just “glued’ it all together.

  4. I love that you’re commenting on every post. I also think we are still planning to do the peep show . . . details to come, of course.

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