it was a first, but probably not a last

it was a first, but probably not a last

Yesterday was the last day Micah had to work two jobs. And he magically got to leave work at 2:00 this afternoon for the holidays. We decided to celebrate by going out to dinner. We bundled up, waited for the bus, waited for the bus, waited for the bus, waited for the bus, walked to the train station, caught the train, put our name on the list at the restaurant, then did a little shopping while we waited to be seated. The pager buzzed as we were heading to the checkout line, so Micah took the boys to get our seats while Abby and I made the purchases.

Micah ordered an appetizer and Simon’s food before we got there, so Simon got started on his food while we were waiting for ours to come. And when I say he “got started” I mean that he sat there and looked at it. He took a few sips of chocolate milk, and then, with some encouragement, a spoonful of applesauce. And then suddenly the table was covered in throw-up. So we cleaned it up as best we could. I took Simon to the bathroom to put on his spare pants because he got a little bit of throw-up on his and it was bothering him. Micah went to get our food to go and pay our bill. When we came out of the bathroom, we started to get ready to go. And then suddenly Simon was covered in throw-up. And then he was covered in more throw-up. Back to the bathroom we went to put on his first pair of pants, which were suddenly looking much better than the spare pair. I loaned him my shirt as well, since I was wearing two.

We made it home just fine, though not without much remorse at not having taken Simon seriously when he said he wasn’t feeling well or when he told us his tummy hurt. In retrospect, it all seems so clear. At the time, it seemed pretty clear that he was a little sluggish from his nap.

Oh, and in our rush to get out of the restaurant, we left Oliver’s water bottle.

Sigh. My fingers are crossed that he’ll be better in the morning and we’ll have a vomit-free holiday.

ps I keep saying that Simon has a future in child modeling, and I’m pretty sure that picture is all the proof you need that I am so right.

4 thoughts on “it was a first, but probably not a last

  1. It must have been Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad’s that this post was discussed. I’m shocked that there aren’t any comments on it when it appeared that every single Blackhurst had read it, but me! I am so sorry. It’s hilarious to me that the first pair of soiled pants were better than the second, but reading the details here helps me understand. I just love that you were prepared with another pair of pants. Way to go you two! I wish that the celebration had been a little less throw-uppy and that Oliver’s water bottle hadn’t gotten left behind. We actually left Jon’s at the doctor’s office the other day. The sweet nurse chased us down and got it back to us just in time. Lucky for us.

  2. Oh, that’s so sad!! It’s bad enough to have a sick kid, but even worse when you find out at a restaurant trying to do something special. I hope he recovered quickly and was able to keep practicing for his modeling job.

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