4 thoughts on “jingle bells

  1. Uummm…Hilarous! I love your boys and how they’re just going to go along with it. Whether it be standing nicely singing a song, or running around when they’re “not supposed to” whatever it is. And the RE-diculously cute OIiver clapping over everything will never get old.

  2. Love it! I’ve been wanting to watch this for weeks now! I couldn’t get it to work at school and just haven’t logged on here at home. I thought Simon might make it through the song just standing there nicely the whole time, but it was great seeing him join the runner- he seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. I have to agree with Abby that Oliver is ridiculously cute coming in the scene and clapping like crazy!

  3. I thought he might make it through as well . . . but I love that once he starts running around you can actually hear him singing. :)

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