if at first you don’t succeed

if at first you don’t succeed

Micah and I may or may not have spent several hours Sunday night being giddily gleeful and laughing like school girls. The reason? We threw a party. And people came. And they enjoyed it. To top it off, it was the easiest party to prep for, a snap to clean up, and the goodies were all so tasty. Did I mention our children behaved themselves perfectly? So excuse our spontaneous high fives. We just have to remember how awesome we are every now and then.

Okay, so maybe some of the gleeful giddiness was spurred by the memory of the Christmas party of 2008. The one in which we spent hours and hours baking cookies only to have one couple show up. If I remember correctly, it did snow that night. And the sidewalks were treacherously icy. But that was hardly consolation. We’d spent lots of time, sent out the invites early, had people rsvp, and then . . . we ended up drowning our shame in all those plates of cookies and all that leftover hot chocolate mix. Sad, sad, sad.

Not this time though. This time we were awesome. The door had barely shut behind the last guest to leave when we started rejoicing in a job well done . . . and planning the next one.

2 thoughts on “if at first you don’t succeed

  1. Sounds awesome. I wish that we could have been some of your guests! Oliver looks like such a little gentleman in that picture. I love it! Aren’t the holidays great? Jon and I were horrible neighbors last year and didn’t give anything to anyone (as is the tradition around here) so we vowed to be better this year and made batches of brownies, cookies and rice krispie treats to share with everyone. It was so fun and so much better than last year. I high five you as well. Wish you could high five me back. :)

  2. That sounds and looks like so much fun! I wish we were still in Brooklyn, it’s fun looking at the pictures and seeing so many friends. You guys know how to throw a great party!

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