“Oh, I have never done that before, Mom.”

“Oh, I have never done that before, Mom.”

When we go to the store it is, “I have never tried this before.” Or, “I have never tasted that, Mom.” Or, “I have never had this drink.”

I wonder how small children seem to know what is the junkiest of  junk food — even if we’ve never bought it, even if we’ve never seen ads for it, even if they don’t even know what it is — and then fixate on it. Sheesh.

It’s a little bit more fun when we go other places, like, say, the Transit Museum.

Then it sounds like this: “Oh, I’ve never been on a blue train before.” Or, “Mom, have you ever been on a yellow train with no seats? I have.” Or, “I have never seen an orange caboose before,” as he runs from one train car to the next, eager to be able to check one more thing off a very, very long list of things he’s never done.

And now, thanks to MTA’s Christmas gift of bringing out some vintage buses during the month of December to run select routes, and our luck at living on one of those routes, and the miracle that somehow got us to the bus stop on time today, Simon can say, “I have been on a green bus before.” And not just any green bus. A green bus that is older than his dad.

Seriously, I just about cried, I was so happy to see that vintage bus (from 1962) pulling up to our stop, just a minute or so after we ran there through the bitter cold to be sure we didn’t miss it. If I had known, I would have brought my camera, of course. It was awesome to see people’s faces light up when they saw the bus pulling up and great to be there to see and hear people laugh and talk and wish each other Happy Holidays because of something so simple.

I hope we get that lucky again. Because even if we’ve already done it, it’s kind of a “the-more-the-merrier” kind of thing.

4 thoughts on ““Oh, I have never done that before, Mom.”

  1. Sweet picture. This post reminded me of Simon drinking root beer at Mom and Dad’s before you moved to New York.(I think I have the timing on that right…) It was hilarious. The carbonation was clearly doing something to him that he loved and we found it so entertaining.

  2. It couldn’t have been before we moved to NY. Simon was only 3 months old then. Must have been the next summer. I remember that. He was pretty excited about it.

  3. That’s a great phrase, what a good way of making sure just about everything he does is very exciting. Those buses are pretty awesome, I bet it’s awesome getting to ride in them!

  4. Isn’t it, though? I can’t help but think every time I do something new, “Oh, I have never done that before.”

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