. . . with the greatest of ease . . .

. . . with the greatest of ease . . .

Remember how Micah got me a trapeze lesson for Christmas last year? Well, between my fear of heights and of ladders and of being in high places and of not having my feet on the ground, and the other endeavors of the year, I managed to put it off until today.

But I’m pretty sure no one noticed how scared I was. Nope, not one bit. Not while I was standing on the platform for 3 minutes, holding the trapeze in one hand because I was . . . just showing how long I could hold a trapeze in one hand. Duh. It had nothing to do with me not wanting to let go of the ladder. Nothing at all. And they certainly wouldn’t have seen any fear when I was standing holding the trapeze with both hands while the instructor repeated, “Ready  . . . hup!” several times. The “hup” was my cue to jump, but I was . . . creating an aura of suspense for those watching. Was I going to jump? Or wasn’t I? I sure had them guessing!

I finally gave into the instructors instructions and jumped. And then I managed to hook my knees over the trapeze and –gasp! — let go with my hands. I even did a couple of back tucks off the bar. And I didn’t totally blow the catch we did at the end of class. In fact, by the last of my 6 jumps off the platform, I didn’t even feel the need to tease everyone with my guessing games or show them how long I could ignore the instructors pleadings to just jump already. I wouldn’t say I’m ready to run away and join the circus, but I might not be opposed to taking another class someday. As long as Micah does it, too.

ps With the outfit I wore to trapeze class and the one I wore for our Thanksgiving run, I think I’m just about ready to start a fashion consulting business, wouldn’t you say?

8 thoughts on “. . . with the greatest of ease . . .

  1. Aren’t you so embarrassed for me? Simon told the rest of the class I was wearing my pajamas. I wanted to go get some new pants, but I thought since I really only needed them for a two hour class it wasn’t quite worth it. So the little girl’s butterfly pants were my only choice.

  2. hahahahaha!!! this post is the funniest. i’m glad you wore those pants and i’m glad you were so brave. i’m the same way with jumping off a diving board. i just stand there forever.
    good job! i’m so impressed!

  3. Wow! Those pants are something! I love that you did this! Way to be brave. For some reason this brought back very vivid memories of us bridge jumping in Spokane so many years ago. Which proves to me just how brave you really are. Simon cracks me up. He wasn’t embarrassed, was he? Just explaining to everyone else…?

  4. Ah, yes, bridge jumping. Oddly enough I didn’t really think of that when I was up there.

    Simon only gets embarrassed when I dance in public. He was just surprised to see me in my pajamas at school. I never let him wear his pjs to school.

  5. Thanks. :) I think I got better at not thinking so much about what it was going to be like to jump. Thinking too much . . . nothing good can come from that. 😉

  6. That’s so awesome, good job!!!! I don’t think I ever could’ve done that, so major props for you for facing your fear of heights and overcoming it!! That looks like a ton of fun. :0)

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