catch the falling leaves forever

catch the falling leaves forever

We walked down Eastern Parkway this afternoon. The sky was gray. The leaves were red and yellow and green and orange. Simon pointed out the stripey trees, the bare trees, the trees still full of leaves. Oliver held his head as far back as he could and reached his hands toward the treetops, laughing and smiling and babbling. I took each requested detour, wondered if we were soaking up enough fall to get us through the coming winter, thought about staying out until dark.

3 thoughts on “catch the falling leaves forever

  1. I wanted to tell you, this was beautiful writing. Love it.
    HA! I just saw your hint at the top of the comment area…very clever :)

  2. It is nice to have all of the fall colors as a way of storing up for winter. Just remember that the shortest day of the year is almost here, and then the days get longer again! :0)

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