let them eat cake! (lots and lots of cake)

let them eat cake! (lots and lots of cake)

Oliver is kind of having the birthday that wouldn’t end. But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, I just wanted to tell you that I made this key lime cheesecake for Micah.

I put 32 candles on it, lit them all, and we sang the longest birthday song ever (Blackhurst family tradition), and then he blew out the candles and we each had a piece (except for Oliver). It was pretty tasty, if you’re into that sort of thing. You know, the cheesecake/key lime pie kind of thing. It’s all gone now. Sorry we didn’t save any for you. Maybe next time.

And then the birthday party that won’t end began. Because the next night we got out the same cake, put another candle on it and let Oliver have a go. He was a little bit afraid of the flaming cake in a dark room both nights, but managed to get over it enough for us to get a decent birthday picture.

And then he opened his present, we played around a bit, and the tired, sick birthday boy went to bed.

But do you think I was going to let his first birthday pass without making a cake especially for him? Not on your life. I gave him a few days to recover and today I made him a monkey cake*. It’s actually a banana cake cleverly disguised as a monkey cake. And the monkey face is cleverly made of coconut.

And the wee one stuffed as much as he could into his mouth and then realized he was really tired and would rather go to bed. Which is where he is right now.

You might think that is the end of the birthday story, but you would be wrong. We’ve still got the birthday bash with friends coming up. We had to reschedule because something about puking babies makes parents a little skittish about bringing their own wee ones over to play. And this particular mom wasn’t too excited about getting a party ready while the birthday boy was languishing in his crib. Nor about the birthday boy doubling as the party pooper.

So we get to celebrate this little munchkin one more time. No complaints here. He’s only going to be one once. And it’s kind of a big deal.

*I’m kind of on a smitten kitchen bender these days. I have not been disappointed in a recipe yet.

2 thoughts on “let them eat cake! (lots and lots of cake)

  1. I love how perfectly captured is the sentiment I feel towards sugar in the last picture. Hand over hand into my mouth it goes!

  2. Happy Birthday to both Micah and Oliver!!! How fun to get to celebrate so many times, I think that’s the way all one year olds should celebrate. :0) Those cakes both look incredible, I might have to pay you to make my birthday cake next year. ;0)

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