Home Improvements Round 1

Home Improvements Round 1

During our first month or two in Brooklyn we bought a couple of pints of paint: blue, green, and orange. We used it to paint a shelf, some peg board, and Simon’s toy box. The leftovers have since been packed and moved to two different apartments with no apparent future other than “you never know.”

Well, now we know. Shelves is the answer. Our kitchen was sadly lacking in cupboard space (welcome to New York) as well as counter space (ditto) and we needed a place to put our jars of dry goods.

Problem solved. And now I am really excited to have a pantry someday. I also want to paint the rest of the cupboards blue and put black handles on them. Sadly, we’re renters so that’s going to have to wait for “someday” as well.

Micah also rigged up this nice box shelf to put all of our books so they no longer crowd the back of the couch and get lost in the cushions. Awesome.

More projects are in the planning stages, but I’m still feeling good about the transition to a new place. I say that as if we haven’t been here for almost two months, but honestly, when you spend nearly two years trying to fit your life into the space you have and then have to start again with a new space, having made as much progress as we have feels really good. And maybe we’ll even have pictures up before next September. Maybe.

3 thoughts on “Home Improvements Round 1

  1. That shelf box is awesome! Brilliant Micah, brilliant. For some reason I can’t see the pantry at the moment. I don’t know what the deal is, but I’ll check back again later. We just recently hung up a picture in our lovely home. Making the total number of pictures on display a whopping 2. We have wonderful plans for decorating and just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Jon made a shelf that we have hanging in our entry- it’s amazing- so we’re making progress! Nice work you two!

  2. P.S. Lizzie, a first grader told me he liked my eyelashes today. It make me think of you and all the comments you got growing up about your lucious lashes. What did your flute teacher say? She thought you put mascara on first thing in the morning, right? Random. Just thought of that and it’s too late to call you. Ü

  3. Ok, I know I’m a nerd but, inside that box shelf…isn’t that Liberty fabric?!?! I have some like it (and made a skirt out of it).
    Seriously….it’s my fav.
    Good job making things functional and beautiful guys! You two win the award for most inventive tenants! (Yes, I just made that up…I’m very clever! Ha!)

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