It Almost Looks Like Winter

It Almost Looks Like Winter

We were just about to get started with Family Home Evening tonight when rain and hail started pounding outside. We ran to the window and watched it fall, then Micah went to get a piece of hail for Simon to see. Simon ate it. (“It’s ice!” we told him, and he likes ice.) We went to the front door to see how it covered the cars and ran down the street. Simon kept finding pieces of hail and eating them, even though I told him not to. Oliver cried when one of our neighbors who was watching the storm as well looked at him. Our neighbor was kind enough to take off his hood in an effort to make Oliver happy, but it didn’t work. Micah went back in to get the camera. We saw flashes of lightning and camera flashes and lots of people standing in doorways and windows. Then we went back inside and finished our business. They boys are asleep, but it is still raining. And it looks like it’s not going to let up all week.

3 thoughts on “It Almost Looks Like Winter

  1. Don’t worry, Ab. It was totally out of the ordinary. It was a lovely day yesterday and it is a lovely day today.

  2. How fun! Though I ‘m glad it was you guys and only for a few minutes. I hope it doesn’t snow in Utah any time soon. I always feel like Fall gets skipped and I really like Fall.

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