On Monday night, I had the urge to start calling Oliver “Squishy” and I can’t shake it. I’ve been calling him Squishy all week now. Or Squish. Or Little Squish. Or Little Squishy. I don’t know why. This has never happened to me before and I find it somewhat strange. He’s actually starting to respond to it.

He’s also starting to say “Please.” For real. At least I think it is real. We’ve been teaching him to sign “more please” for a few months, and he has signed “more” a few times (although not consistently). But the past few days he has been saying “Please.” Sometimes he signs “more” and then says “please.” Of course, it sounds more like “peas” or “pea” but I think it’s pretty awesome.

And we’ve gotten him to tell us what a cow says a few times. Just for the record, both of our children think that a cow says, “Bbbb” or possibly “Boo.” Totally appropriate for the season. Maybe we’ll have Little Squish go as a ghost cow for Halloween, which is scarier than being a ghost and cuter than being a cow. Perfect. Then again, maybe we’ll recycle a previous costume from his older brother. That could be cool, too, right?

4 thoughts on “Squish

  1. Thomas has started calling Asher “Sqeezy”… I’m not kidding. We should just start commenting in code to each other to save time:

    WHTSL= we have the same life

    WT?WSHTSLS!=What the heck? We seriously have the same life sometimes!

  2. Love it! I’d love to squish his cheeks with kisses, myself!! Ah well, you’ll have to do it for me :) Love you guys!

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