Mr. Goat

Mr. Goat

Meet my son, Simon Si-Si Silly Billy Goat Bunny Rabbit Mr. Goat Heiselt. You can call him “Mr. Goat” if you would like. Mr. Goat has an imaginary friend named Oliver. He has a best friend named Daniela. He has a nursery friend named Henry. And he has a school friend named Remy. These are all real people, even his imaginary friend, who also happens to be his brother. Unless Imaginary Oliver is different from Brother Oliver. I haven’t figured that out yet. Oh, and by the way, you can call Mr. Goat’s brother Mr. Camel. His mother is Mr. (sometimes Mrs.) Monkey and his father is Mr. Giraffe.

Mr. Goat. would like to take the Long Island Railroad train (which only has one door). He would also like to take the Short Island Railroad train. When he goes to school, he is going take the J train to the school bus. He is going to go to high school with Daniela.

Oh, and Mr. Goat loves loves loves his red sweatshirt. Much to his Mr. (Mrs.?) Monkey’s consternation. It is a lovely sweatshirt, I admit. But does he have to wear it everywhere? When it is hot outside? When he is running around? When he is sweating? When he is painting? I had my own favorite sweatshirt when I was his age, so I can hardly fault him, but sometimes I’d like to hide it where he’ll never find it again.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Goat

  1. Long live Mr. Silly Billy Goat Cheese! Please inform Mr. Goat that I am still the Keeper of the Couch, but that in my absence he can act as Keeper.

  2. Mr. Monkey, (I love that he has nicknames for all of you!)was your favorite sweater/sweatshirt the black one with the tiger on it? I seem to remember that possibly being your favorite.

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