A Tree Breaks in Brooklyn

A Tree Breaks in Brooklyn

I took the boys to the store this evening. It was cloudy, but I thought we had enough time to do the shopping before the rain came. It is a mistake I make frequently. We hadn’t even gotten through the produce section when Micah called to talk about the biggest, fastest rainstorm he’d seen in years. We waited out the worst of it, then walked home with just a few drops falling on us. We turned down our street to see this:

There seemed to be something in our way. Oh, yes, it was a tree. A tree that miraculously missed all cars, windows, and people, but did manage to smash a bit of fence. This particular tree was three doors down from our house, but our super says there is one right in front of our building that has also rotted through the middle and will surely be next. Goody.

Here are some other views of the poor thing.

Bunches of neighbors swarmed the tree as I was taking pictures and within an hour or so all of the leafy parts had been disposed of, leaving just the trunk and the big branches to be dealt with in the morning. With the clean-up crew and all of the gawkers and picture-takes (us included), it felt almost like a regular old block party. Odd how events like this really bring people together.

Micah and I went running when things had calmed down a bit. I started from our place, Micah started from work, and we met at the park. Abby watched the boys. The destruction was pretty amazing, especially in the park. Lots of branches all over the roads. Traffic was backed up, but it made the run more interesting. We had to stay on our toes more than we usually do. I’m glad we got to see it and be a part of the community event, but I hope it doesn’t happen again any time soon.

2 thoughts on “A Tree Breaks in Brooklyn

  1. wow–first, your street is very colorful–looks great. second, glad you survived the storm (tornado?) yesterday, and even went running. that’s keeping it cool.

  2. Falling trees are really scary!! I’m glad it didn’t hit anyone or anything, that’s a pretty big miracle in NYC. I’m glad you all survived the tornado okay!

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