Simon’s First Day of “School”

Simon’s First Day of “School”

It’s not a real school. It’s a mini-pre-pre-school. Or maybe just a semi-structured playgroup. It is two days a week and it coincides with lunch time, so I got to make Simon a lunch today. It was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

It wouldn’t be a real first day unless I took the obligatory First Day picture by the front door. Simon was having none of it. He’s such a 3-year-old. I love it. If nothing else it got me to work on my “make-a-child-who-doesn’t-want-to-smile-laugh-so-I-can-take-his-picture” skills.

5 thoughts on “Simon’s First Day of “School”

  1. Great way to ‘send him off’! That bag wouldn’t be made of the same denim that was also made into pants for Micah when he was a toddler would it?

  2. I love it! Jordan just walked by and said, “Will you do stuff like THAT for our kids? You will, right?” I think my husband thinks you’re awesome. (And, he’s right…)

  3. Wow, how exciting! I talked with some friends about doing a “joy school” type thing with our kids, but since my friend who was trying to get it started just had a baby a few weeks after me, it didn’t really happen. I think next year, though, we’ll try to do something with him. Simon definitely looks like he’s ready for pre-pre-school! :0)

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