Recent Conversations, or “Yes, but why?”

Recent Conversations, or “Yes, but why?”

Simon: What are we doing now, Mom?

Me: We’re sitting on the IKEA bus waiting for it to take us to the train station.

S: Yes, but why?

M: Because it’s late and we need to go home?

S: Why do we need to go home?

M: Because it is dark and late and past your bedtime.

S: Why?

M: Because the sun went down and when the sun goes down we need to sleep.

S: Why?

M: So our bodies and minds can be rest.

S: Yes, but why?

M: So we can be happy and healthy and do everything we need to do.

S: Why?

It’s a fun stage. I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible — even when we are on the third go around of the same conversation and I find myself trying to explain the rotation of the earth around the sun to a three-year-old.

And also, don’t you think I have a future in newborn photography? 😉

7 thoughts on “Recent Conversations, or “Yes, but why?”

  1. I love this age when they’re trying to figure out everything works. Definitely keeps you on your toes. Cute, cute.

  2. Asher has started just saying “Why?” all the time. I’m not sure he understands it but, knows that it keeps me talking. Pretty funny.

  3. It does keep me on my toes and makes me really think about why it is that we do things on a very basic level, which is sometimes much different than I expected. It also challenges me to be patient. I know on some level he is just procrastinating or trying to keep me talking, but I don’t want to discourage him asking questions and trying to figure things out, so I try to take the time to answer as well as I can.

  4. this is a great photo lizzie, you’re getting really good. simon is a great model, even when he’s sleepy :)
    hope you guys are settling in well in your new place.

  5. Here’s something I learned from Amy: When Brooklynn would do that, Amy would turn it back on her and ask her what she thought. It makes it a bit more interesting for you that way, too, if you want to try it. ;0)

    That’s a super cute picture!!

  6. Sounds like my soon-to-be seven year old! Brigham is okay with one answer. Preston just keeps going and going until he finally stumps me.

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