6 thoughts on “Chalked

  1. Precious. Except for the fact that I’d almost like to tear my hair out for you when I see that chalky floor. I imagine it cleaned up quite easily? Simon needs to work on his innocent face. :) I think Oliver has it down.

  2. That was my initial reaction as well, Becca, but then I realized how much worse things could be, and then I blogged about it on The Mother Runner.

    In short: chalk on the floors is a go.

  3. LOL We LOVE chalk at our house. I would 100% rather let my kids write all over the house in chalk than in any other medium. Chalk just vacuums/rubs right out.

  4. Good luck with the move and everything but, more importantly, Oliver is wearing a Mariners outfit!!!! Where did you get it? Are you guys now M’s fans?!! That totally just made my day, thanks for posting that picture!!

    Here’s to winning the World Series (next year…)!!! ;0)

  5. I knew you’d like that Natalie. We still have yet to see a Mariner’s game. We got the outfit from my brother in law, who, as far as I know is not a baseball fan at all, so I don’t know why he had it. But I think of you every time I put Oliver in it, so I think it is a good thing to have.

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