When I go to school

When I go to school

That’s what we keep hearing about these days. When Simon goes to school, he is going to be five. He is going to have a black party, with a black cake, and he is going to share with his friend Daniela (his baby-sitter). He is going to take the train to Coney Island. He is going to run a half-marathon. He’s going to go to Tradewise (grocery store) and then take a train to IKEA and when he’s done with IKEA he’s going to go to school. He’s going to school on the other side of the park. He’s going to wear a t-shirt, shorts, sandals and sunglasses when he goes to school. And after that he is going to have a pudding pop.

4 thoughts on “When I go to school

  1. Lizzie, isn’t that your shirt? And my question is, what are the parents going to do on Simon’s first day of school?

  2. No, my shirt is Little Miss Sunshine. :) And the parents (at least the mom) will probably cry for about 2 seconds and then rejoice exceedingly when he goes to school. Unless I’m the teacher, of course.

  3. LOL. Sounds like Simon has his life planned out quite well. What are the chances that Mom is his teacher?

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