Let’s Play a Game.

Let’s Play a Game.

Abby and I were talking about movies this afternoon. Specifically Charlie St. Cloud. I knew nothing about it, despite all of the posters on the train platforms. There is a picture of a guy lying on the grass named, presumably, Charlie St. Cloud. And then there is this tagline: “Life is for living.”

“Abby I don’t know what this means. ‘Life is for living.’ What is this movie even about?”

We watched the trailer and discovered that Mr. St. Cloud does have a life, and he is living it, but not necessarily in a conventional way. We were not interested in him or his troubles, really, so we turned our attention to mockery.

“I saw on a poster at Jay Street somebody had written ‘Clothes are for clothing,'”Abby said.

Brilliant, I thought. Brilliant.

Which brings me to the game. Please submit your Charlie St. Cloud tagline parodies in the comment section. If you feel so inclined, you may include a brief synopsis of the the film that would be described by such a tagline.

I’ll start. “Drinks are for drinking.” A teenage boy gets a job at a juice bar where he meets the girl of his dreams, only to find out that she is his cousin. Or is she?

Your turn.

12 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Game.

  1. Okay, I’ll go again. Moons are for mooning. I have no synopsis, but admit it, it’s funny.

  2. Stumps are for stumping. A brave soldier is seriously wounded by an IED in Iraq, and has both his legs amputated. After his return home, he is disturbed by what he hears and sees in the beloved country he gave so much for, so he runs for political office. Will he succeed in turning things around? This movie is the perfect antidote to The Manchurian Candidate.

  3. Alright. I have a couple.

    Charms are for Charming. Sleeping Beauty’s engagement feels like a true fairy tale until she discovers her fiance’s addiction to alternative medicine. Will they still live happily ever after?

    Bowls are for Bowling. I don’t have a good synopsis, though it would definitely be a uproarious comedy and star either David Duchovny or Bruce Campbell.

  4. Ducks are for Ducking. The latest in a string martial arts films comes Admiral Daffy and his young squadron as they learn the art of quick movement to avoid catastrophe.

  5. Cans are for Can-canning. A factory worker by day takes a part-time job as part of the all-male can-can review Quadrille des Clodoches in 1870 London.

  6. Kids are for kidding, the movie out-lining the importance of joking around with your offspring…

    Bobs are for bobbing? The story of Bob who lost all his limbs. (Lame, I know!)

  7. Rules are for ruling. From VeggieTales, King and Queen Rule (a rhubarb and radish respectively) teach their subjects (and the audience) the importance of following rules. Although intended to teach the importance following the rule of law, could be construed as an endorsement for despots and a return to the monarchy. (Disclaimer: I have never seen a real VeggieTales so this could be way off their general mark. However, wikipedia leads me to belief that I am in fact close).

  8. Shoots are for shooting. This summers shoot ’em up. Mankind has run out of bullets so now every AK-47 and Glock is locked and loaded with the beginnings of plant life . . . to end animal life. This film is not yet rated. (Probable R.)

  9. Last one . . . maybe . . . Steel is for stealing. Give it back. (A Stallone and Schwarzenegger vehicle).

  10. crap. My only creative one was stolen by Misty…kids are for kidding.

    And I especially like the stumps are for stumping synopsis…what a crack-up.

  11. I’m loving this. Stumps are for stumping gets the Oscar, I think, although it is a pretty tight race. I like the Shoots are for Shooting as well. And the Bob one. The can-can one cracks me up. Okay, so I think they are all pretty great.

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