Charlie and Lola Dolls

Charlie and Lola Dolls

Months ago I decided to make little felt dolls for Simon, based on the Charlie and Lola characters. He was super excited about it at first, and so was I. The first day I managed to cut out everybody’s head and hair. And then the problems started coming up. How would I attach their clothes? Did I want them to be thicker, stuffed dolls, or fairly flat? Would glue work, or would everything need to be sewn? The answers, apparently are yes and yes to the latter two questions: the dolls are flat, but they are also stuffed. The hair and clothes were originally glued on, but it didn’t take in all cases and they ended up needing to be sewn as well. (The eyes are all sewn on.) And then there is problem of Lotta’s hair. I just can’t get it. I’ve cut out hair a couple of times and it just looks awful. I’ve officially delegated it to Micah, but I think cutting Lotta’s hair is probably ranks at about 58th on his to-do list. Sizzles would be easy to finish . . . if I would just sit down and finish. Maybe by the end of the week. But I wanted to show them off anyway as a means of motivation. So, here they are.

They are fun and Simon still likes them. At the beginning I also had plans to make an alligator costume for Lola and other little things that are in the books/show but at this rate, I might have completed a few things by the time Simon learns to drive. If I do anything else any time soon, I’ll make a Soren Lorensen doll. Soren Lorensen is Lola’s imaginary friend and plays a pretty big roll in some of the stories, so I think he’s earned my efforts.

4 thoughts on “Charlie and Lola Dolls

  1. I can’t picture how big they are–they look kind of tiny, like the size of my palm or something. Can you give me some sort of size comparison? They look awesome, by the way. :)

  2. Oh, yeah. Charlie and Marv are about 8 inches tall, and Lola and Lotta are about 6 inches. I didn’t think too much about size when I was making them . . . just that I wanted to be able to take them in the diaper bag. Which is why they are flat, but still stuffed (because I wanted them to feel a little bit more sturdy.

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