Some notable events since we’ve been home:

Some notable events since we’ve been home:

Oliver tried to eat soap.

Oliver fell off our bed. I was asleep in it at the time.

Oliver got himself a nice bruise from the bookcase that he tried to break with his forehead.

A random stranger gave us a King Kong umbrella when we were half a block away from our house. It was raining lightly. I took it for the sake of the baby.

Auntie Abby has become at least a temporary Brooklynite and honorary 5th member of our family.

The official results of our half-marathon were finally posted. (I came in 5th among women with a 1:36:05; Micah came in 8th in his age group with a 1:36:05.)

And we’ve put just about all of our stuff away. Just about.

2 thoughts on “Some notable events since we’ve been home:

  1. Fun! How lucky to have your sis there! I am definitely envious. I would love that set-up. Congrats on making such good time on the half! I love your cute boys!

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