Third time’s the charm?

Third time’s the charm?

The month before I graduated from high school, I chopped my hair off. It was fine, but I couldn’t maintain such a short length and ended up feeling like I had a mullet until it grew out. No short hair for me. So then we moved to Hawaii and the heat and humidity went to my head and I decided the thing to do was chop my hair off. So I did and spent the next several months asking Micah to remind me never to do that again. Which he didn’t. Last year when I cut my hair, he really liked it but kept telling me he thought I could go shorter. Like pixie short. I definitely thought that was a bad idea, but I did need a haircut, so when Bumble and bumble invited me to a model call a few weeks ago, and I realized my sister would be in town to watch the boys while I had my hair evaluated, I decided to take them up on it and be a “model” (guinea pig) for their “short layers” class. A week later I was sitting in front of a student stylist (who had been a stylist for 11 years but just getting some additional training at Bumble) and telling her I didn’t want to go too short. Definitely not pixie short. No problem she said. Some words were spoken about a “Meg Ryan shag look.” Still, somehow I walked out of the salon thinking, “I’m pretty sure this is what they call a pixie cut.”

Not to worry. I like it. Micah likes it. And I only feel like I look like a boy sometimes. What do you think? Should I keep being a “short layers” model? I have a tentative appointment for October or November if I want to maintain it.

10 thoughts on “Third time’s the charm?

  1. I love it too! I loved having my hair super short (except for the “who’s that guy?” double takes as you walk past a mirror sometimes) but speaking from experience, you might need a maintenance cut before October. 6 weeks was pushing it to keep it not bushy. But my hair is really thick to begin with, so maybe you’ll be able to go longer.

    In the end though, my verdict is that you’re rocking the cut, and who’s to argue with free, master stylist cut, wash and wear hair?

  2. I’m curious about how my hair will do after that long as well, Heather. I know they space the appointments longer because they want the new students to prove they can actually do the cut and not just maintain, so it might get annoyingly bushy long before then. We’ll see. Either way, I will probably be too lazy/cheap to get it cut before then anyway. :)

  3. Lizzie, this look is fabulous! I’m sad that I wasn’t able to see it before I left, but honestly, this is an awesome hairdo. :)

  4. It looks so great! I had my hair almost that short in high school, and I loved it. Sometimes I think about doing it again, but I haven’t been that brave yet. You really can pull it off so well!

  5. I think it’s a great cut and that you have the style for it too! I liked your last haircut too. So really this is grand news if you are in the business of pleasing me, because I like your hair many different ways meaning you have lots to choose from. 😉

  6. Love it! I was just going to ask if you’d posted a picture yet, and figured I ought to just hop on your blog and see for myself! I really do love it- you pull it off so well. After my “boy cut” in the Philippines I’ve been too timid to cut it that short again. It certainly didn’t help that I had rice cheeks at the time. :( Blah!

  7. 1) its cute
    2) I like it
    3) i’m jealous because it is so hot here that that hair cut must feel really good, it must keep you 10 degrees cooler

  8. Thanks Shiloh. It does feel good to not have it on my neck. Especially now that we are back in the Big Hot Apple. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like my hair does any better with the heat and humidity (and sweat) than it did when it was longer. Sigh. It turns out there is no magical haircut.

  9. you look like a young tough punk mom, but only bc your hair looks kind of red in this picture. you look great as always!

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