It’s fun and I like it.

It’s fun and I like it.

Some things I am loving about Manchild 1 these days:

1. That he places things on top of his floor puzzle so it doesn’t get away.

2. How he is learning to move his body: lots of twisting and spinning and jumping and hopping going on these days.

3. His rediscovered love of unlocking and locking every door and gate between our apartment and the outside world.

4. The little obsession he has with the illustrated New Testament we’ve been reading out of. (“What chapter are we on tonight, Mom? Forty-five or forty-six? Forty-six, I think.”)

5. The speed at which he learns new things . . . when it doesn’t even look like he’s paying attention. Like when we go to music class and he sits and reads a book the whole time and then comes home and sings all the songs that I have already forgotten.

6. How he looks in his new Sunday pants. Which are much too big. (You were right Sarah, but he’ll grow into them . . . if they don’t get holes in the knees first.)

7. That he wanted to take “Fox in Socks” back to the library because it says it is a dangerous book and he doesn’t like dangerous things.

8. The way he says, “Mom, mom, I want you,” and curls up in my lap when he doesn’t want to go to sleep.

9. How he asks Oliver for things (to borrow Oliver’s book or eat some of Oliver’s food) and then informs me that Oliver can’t talk.

10. Making stuff up. “We are going to put the cornmilk (cornmeal?) in jars, and then put them in the oven. And then they are going to be really really hot, so we will put them on the rug.” “And where are we going to get the cornmilk?” “From Auntie Becca. She got it from institute after she taught her class.”

Oh, and this:

4 thoughts on “It’s fun and I like it.

  1. Wow! Simon’s going to love to read this when he’s older. Thanks for sharing all of these things with us- I smiled at all of them, but especially the Fox in Socks one because that is just so adorable- smart boy- I don’t like dangerous things either! 😉 Sarah showed us the video of him saying all the states. I think that is incredible. I admire Simon’s fascination with numbers and letters and so many other things. What’s the story with the cheese snob?

  2. That’s so fun, it’s really amazing to realize just how much Simon has grown up since we left Brooklyn. I still picture him the little shy boy who barely spoke but could sign just about anything!

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