Baked Alaska, not Big Disaster

Baked Alaska, not Big Disaster

Our Family Fun magazine came last week with a recipe for Baked Alaska. Since Simon’s best friends are states, I thought he might like to make a treat inspired by one of them. I told him maybe we could make it when Auntie Sarah came to visit, thinking that it would make a good send-off treat for her when she left. But as soon as she walked through the door on Sunday afternoon, Simon started asking about the Baked Alaska. So we changed our plans and had it for Family Home Evening last night.Simon’s pronunciation is pretty good, if you ask me, but it does sound a bit like he is saying, “baked disaster” if you don’t know what he’s talking about. Or maybe “big disaster.” Thankfully these were not a disaster. They turned out well and they weren’t as hard as I thought they would be to make. (Although the fact that the recipe was in Family Fun as something to do with your kids should have tipped me off.) And even more thankfully, we still have 6 more cupcakes in the freezer, ready to be split in half, sandwiched with ice cream, topped with meringue and baked into deliciousness.

5 thoughts on “Baked Alaska, not Big Disaster

  1. I hate that Sarah gets to see you guys now, and though I come a week later, it’s like a month before I get to see you. Ah, such is life.
    I just hope that when we finally get together there will baked state goodness for me to participate in as well.

  2. Sorry about that, Abs. We’ll for sure have lots of baked deliciousness when you are here. You can bank on it.

  3. Nope Abby. The baked state goodness is only for me. NO BAKED GOODNESS FOR YOU! (brownie points if you can guess the quote that inspired that)

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